For the fifth and final season of Gotham on FOX we stuck with the already established motif of the city of Gotham as the main background. This time, taking inspiration from the No Man's Land graphic novel, we created the city skyline in the form of the infamous bat symbol. I created the matte painting of the city
in Photoshop with final compositing done in After Effects.

Ian MacRitchie: VP Broadcast Design/Art Direction
Design/Compositing/Animation: Jason Smart
These are two alternate color palettes that we designed as alternatives to the red.
We originally ended on a mix of the original red with a desaturated blue surrounding the city. This is the final approved styleframe along with several other pieces that made up the final graphics package.
The city matte painting was created in Photoshop. I started off with a base plate of a panoramic photo of New York City and began the process of cutting out buildings from various cities and manipulating them to fit into the plate image. After it was assembled in Photoshop, I used Cinema4D to create the water and brought all the assets into After Effects for the final composite.

Here is a breakdown of that process:
For the dark cloud backgrounds I used Houdini to create VDB volumes from basic geometry.
These were then brought into Cinema4D and rendered with Arnold.
Thank you.
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