A selection of frames that I had a primary role in designing and animating for the 2015 FOX network package. I was mainly responsible for taking typographic elements designed by Tim Devlin and compositing and lighting them in our 3D environment as well as creating the "light look" endpages pictured below.
The package was a mixture of a live-action shoot of a practical "FOX" and a 3D environment that we created. The FOX was painstakingly tracked by Dan Pierse and then composited into the CG environment using C4D and After Effects.
Creative Director: Ian MacRitchie
Art Director: Tim Devlin
Designer/Animator: Dan Pierse and myself
Produced in-house at FOX
This is a collection of development frames that I personally designed during the first few months of development on the package. We were exploring the idea of using various setpieces from each shows as background design elements but eventually abandoned this idea in order to go with the more clean cyclorama enviornment.
We had a 6ft tall FOX logo built and shot it on a soundstage over a full day at Universal Studios. We then took the footage from the shoot and composited it into our 3D environment.
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