We were tasked with creating motion elements for the video screens at the newly created space at the World Trade Center in NYC. All the screens would be displaying the same content with the biggest challenge being their main screen which is 234ft long.

At a width of approximately 21,000 pixels, we had to come up with a way to produce the content to match the creative and at the same time keeping the 3D workload and renders at a level that was doable.

The 3D was done in Cinema4D and rendered with Arnold. I ended up rendering out 3 different cameras each at a resolution of 3200x1080 which I then stitched together in After Effects to give me a final resolution of 9600x1080.

VP Broadcast Design: Ian MacRitchie
Design Director: Jesse Hallas
3D/Compositing/Animation: Jason Smart
Intro Animation/Character Animation: Michael Stelmar
Screen Layouts/Final Output: Joe Pollack
Keying/Beauty Work: Daniel Robichaud
Production: Danielle Goodman, Brendan Hughes, Shannon Maher
Train Model: TurboSquid
The same animation was also used for placement in Times Square.
Here's a quick breakdown of how the compositing came together in After Effects.
Here's an early test checking different focal lengths.
Originally, we had intended this to be used in vertical placements as well
but in the end opted for the wider look.
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